Python Data Structures: Tuples

In Python data structures, tuples are part of the standard library. Like arrays, tuples also hold multiple values within them separated by commas. In addition, it also allows storing values of different types together. Tuples are immutable, and usually, contain a heterogeneous sequence of elements that are accessed via unpacking or indexing. To create a … Continue Reading

Python Data Structures: Arrays

An array can be thought of as a container that can hold a fixed number of data values of the same type. Though the use of array is less popular in Python as compared to other languages such as C and Java, most other python data structures internally make use of arrays to implement their … Continue Reading

Python Data Structures: Indexing and Slicing

Python has various built-in data structures such as tuples, lists, dictionaries, and sets. Like a variable, python data structures are also used to store a value. Unlike a variable, they don’t just store a value, rather a collection of values in various formats. Some of Data Structures we will cover in this Blog are:- Indexing … Continue Reading

Python Installation and PATH variable

if you have just started learning Python and installed it in your system. Problem you might be getting is that python isn’t added to PATH Variable or list of system executables’ which in turn gives following error. C:\>python ‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. There are … Continue Reading